18 thoughts on “Board Meetings

  1. what happens to the people at 5017 santa Barbara ave after the three months is up?they hve already been here 2 years or so.

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  2. SMHOA has a 6 month property occupancy stipulation in the HOA covenant…Anyone under 55 years of age *can not occupy* any property for more than (one) 6 month period, in any single year…..
    Housesitting is considered property occupancy per the SMHOA covenant …
    This issue was discussed and was confirm ,with the SMHOA lawyer, during the January 2015 HOA members monthly meeting……

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  3. To rent You must be 55 or older , stated in the covenants, the by laws, and rules and regs.. No house can be rented for less than 3 months and no more than 6 months in one year.


  4. We residents ” KNOW ” what the rules say, but we don’t seem to be following the rules anymore….
    They seem to be changing them on the fly, to suit the needs of the select few…
    We should re-evaluate who makes these HOA decisions….

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  5. Nice to see the website is working properly….

    WE should be posting the minutes of each monthly meeting on this site…

    including NEW business , new maintenance, maintenance completed ,
    maintenance expense’s , New purchases etc, etc….

    Members who can’t make the monthly meetings for various reasons, would also be privy
    to” the goings on”, by the current HOA board members…

    including rule changes , rule modifications , new rules etc,etc …..

    The site could also be a “password protected” site and include all financial statements
    (month end , quarterly and yearly ) budget updates , etc , etc…..

    Similar to the same way all HOA members do their personal monthly banking
    (100 % financial transparency )

    This site should be mentioned in every NEW San Mateo monthly newsletter ,
    so people unaware of this site will become aware….

    Thoughts to ponder moving forward………………………

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  6. I have a son 31 who has “special needs” he lives with me full time and I an his mom as well as caregiver. I am 61. Can I buy a home in your community?


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